The Container object is primarily intended to be used as a surface for other objects and to contain HTML code. Objects placed on a container can be moved and edited easily. The Container is an excellent tool for adding complex custom content through HTML.

The Container object corresponds to a <div> HTML tag.

To add a Container to your publication, use the mouse to draw a rectangle where you would like the object to appear. Other objects can be attached to a Container by selecting a tool from the Tool Palette and drawing directly onto the Container’s surface. (You can even attach other Containers.) Existing objects can be moved onto a Container by cutting and pasting them from the clipboard. When using this method, make sure that the Container is selected before choosing paste. To move an object off a container, select the object, cut it to the clipboard, make sure no other objects are selected, then paste. Once an object is attached to a Container, the two become linked. Moving the Container also moves any attached objects. Similarly, deleting a Container also deletes any attached objects.

You can modify a Container by using the Properties Panel when selected.

   As you can add any HTML code into a Container, this object becomes very flexible and usefull for advanced Apps.

 Container objects are also used by some Plug-ins as place holders for special controls.

Use a complete HTML editor right clicking a Container on the workspace and selecting the "Edit HTML property..." option.