Creating variables in VisualNEO Web is easy, since you’re not required to allocate memory or explicitly define the scope of a variable prior to using it. In VisualNEO Web, anytime you make a reference to a variable, it’s created automatically. However, there are many situations where you might want to initialize a variable prior to using it. Suppose you have several default settings that you want to initialize when your app first starts. VisualNEO Web’s SetVar action is designed for this purpose. For example:

SetVar [Name] "Unknown"

SetVar [Busy] "No"

SetVar [Amount] 1.00

It’s not necessary to delete variables since VisualNEO Web will do this for you when your app closes. However, if your app uses a large number of temporary variables, you may be able to improve performance by manually removing variables from memory when you no longer need them. You can do this using the DeleteVar action. For example:

DeleteVar [Name]

DeleteVar [Busy]

DeleteVar [Amount]

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