These properties can be used to control the appearance of the text on a webpage, including its typeface, size, style, and weight.

color: specifies the text color

font-family: specifies the font to be used for the text.

font-size: specifies the size of the font.

font-style: specifies whether the font should be italic, oblique, or normal.

font-weight: specifies the boldness of the font.

font-variant: specifies whether the text should be displayed in a small caps font or a normal font.

text-align: text aligment.

text-decoration: is used to add decorative lines to text. This property is commonly used to underline, overline, or strike through text. It can also be used to add a blinking effect to text. 

text-shadow: is used to add a shadow effect to text. The shadow is added behind the text and is typically used to make the text more legible or to create a decorative effect.