Push Buttons are probably the simplest and most easily understood method for users to interact with your Applications. Just about anyone who’s ever used a computer or phone will immediately know how to use one. Push Buttons can be used to navigate between pages, perform calculations, display messages and a variety of other tasks.

The Push Button object corresponds to the <button> HTML tag.

To create a Push Button, use the mouse to draw a rectangle where you would like the button to appear. The Push Button Properties can be accesed through the Properties Panel allowing you to define the button’s appearance. Double-click a Push Button on the workspace to edit the commands to execute whenever the button is clicked (you can programm other events too).

  • caption: use this property to add some text to the button.
  • icon: use the dropdown selector to choose a predefined icon for your button.
  • icon-position: select the icon position (top, keft, right, bottom). The caption text will be positioned at the opposite place.
  • id: use this property to set a unique name for your Push Buttom. It will allow you later to modify its properties programatically.
  • kind: choose a  predefined design from the list.
  • link/href: add here a URL if you want your Push Button to link to a website or Internet resource.

 You can create an invisible Hot Spot by setting the button’s Style - opacity property to 0. To create an irregular shaped hotspot, see the Polygon object.