The Time Input object allows the user to enter a time (hour:minutes). 

The Time Input object corresponds to the <input type="time"> HTML tag.

IMPORTANT: This object do not work on Internet Explorer. Use any other WebBrowser to test it.

To create a Time Input object, use the mouse to draw a rectangle where you want the field to appear. The Time Input properties can be accessed from the Properties Panel, allowing you to define the appearance and behaviour.

  • id: use this property to set a unique name for your Time Input. It will allow you later to modify its properties programatically.
  • initial-value: add here some predefined date. The Time Input will be prefilled with that value.
  • property-name: this is important if you want to send the data from a Form with a Time Input to a server. The server script will get the value associated to this property name. See Form object for more info.
  • variable: if you want to store the Time Input data into a variable to keep track of its content, just add the variable name using brackets into the variable property (ie: [time]). For more information see Understanding Actions and Variables.

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