The Tools menu is a place where you can add shortcuts to programs and utilities you find useful when working in VisualNEO Web. Programs added to the Tools menu can be accessed with a single mouse click.

Configure Tools

Use this option to add and remove programs and utilities from the Tools menu.

To add a new tool, click the Add button. A Tool Properties screen will appear allowing you to define the program or utility to be added. Enter the name of the program in the Title field. The title will appear as a choice under the Tools menu. Next, enter the path and file name in the Program field. You may find it easier to click the small folder to the right of the Program field and select the program’s EXE file using a file selector. Finally, if your program requires any special command line switches, enter those in the Parameters field. In addition to program specific command line options, you may incorporate any of the special codes below into the Parameter field:


The path and file name of the currently selected object (if any). For example, if the selected object is a Picture, then %o will represent the name of the image file assigned to the Picture.


The Full path and file name of the current publication.


The drive and folder where the current publication resides



The file name only of the current publication.

For example, to load the current publication into Windows Notepad, your Tool Properties screen would look like this:

For most applications you must surround file names, or in this case the special codes, with double quotes. Otherwise, spaces in the file name will confuse the application and your file won't load.

You can modify an existing tool by clicking the tool’s name in the list, then clicking the Edit button. The Tool Properties screen will appear, allowing you to make changes.

A tool that is no longer needed can be removed from the list using the Delete button. This function doesn’t actually remove the program from your computer, just from VisualNEO Web’s Tools menu.