VisualNEO Web also allows the use of compound variables called an array. An array is a collection of related variables linked together by a common name. Each variable in the array is referred to by the name of the array followed by its numeric position within the array in parenthesis. For example, an array with five items called Cars would consist of the following variables:






The first item in an array is zero.

You can create Arrays by using CreateArray and CreateEmptyArray actions.

Displaying Array Elements On-Screen

Requires the use of a Filter


Complex Arrays

Advanced use includes the possibility to create complex data arrays as in the following example:

CreateEmptyArray [car]

CreateEmptyArray [car.model]

CreateEmptyArray [car.price]

SetVar [car.model(0)] "Tesla Model 3"

SetVar [car.price(0)] "38000"

SetVar [car.model(1)] "Jaguar i-Pace"

SetVar [car.price(1)] "79000"

Displaying Complex Arrays Elements On-Screen

Requires the use of a Filter