A Progress Bar is a graphical control element used to visualize the progression of an operation, such as a download, file transfer, or calculation.

To create a Progress Bar object, use the mouse to draw a rectangle where you want the field to appear. The Progress Bar object properties can be accessed from the Properties Panel, allowing you to define the object appearance and behaviour.

  • initial-value: use this property to set the init point for the progression.
  • max-value: maxium value for the progression var (use 100 for percentages).
  • id: use this property to set a unique name for your Progress Bar. It will allow you later to modify its properties programatically.
  • kind: choose a  predefined design from the list.
  • striped: check this option for a fancy striped design.
  • variable: write here the name of the variable linked to the object progression (ie: [percentage]). Whenever the variable changes its value, the Progress Bar will show the associated progression automatically.